Gated complexes,

admimnistrative and residential buildings

and other investment projects with guaranteed optimum end result

Construction company “CITY-EURO” LTD was founded way back in 2003. Our great results are curtesy to both a well-prepared engineering team and a team of workers with thousands of square meters unfolded built-up area behind their back. In addition to that we have a smooth and effective relationship with our suppliers and project designers with whom we have had a long-term partnership. The company itself is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and is registered in Group 1 for structures from IInd to Vth category. Among the main activities of the company are concrete and masonry works of residential and administrative buildings and other investment projects with unfolded built-up area exceeding 2500 m² in Sofia district.

A vast amount of experience – more than 150 000 m² unfolded built-up area

Thorough quality control

"CITY-EURO" LTD has a huge professional experience as a main contractor of constructions – more than 1500 000 m² unfolded built-up area. The successful completion of the tasks is achieved chiefly due to our team’s effort and skills and the implementation of contemporary construction technologies. Among all others our main purpose is to constantly increase the quality of the execution which combined with the effective communication with the investors ensures the eventual success.

When it comes to handling the professional challenges and meeting the market criteria we answer with a high quality control satisfying even the most pedantic customers that rely on deep analysis and planning, cautious selection of materials, correct partnership and compliance with the terms negotiated. “CITY-EURO” LTD is capable of offering the investor the conventional and effective way for the construction works as well as implementing a whole new procedure should the conditions require it.

Own mechanization and equipment

Contemporary technologies in the construction:

  • Tower crane POTAIN MCT 78 with top rotation
  • Tower crane POTAIN IG050 with bottom rotation
  • Diesel mixer PUTZMEISTER MK740 DB with internal compressor. Compatible with both earthly and liquid screeds.
  • Geodesy measuring devices including TOPCON’s GPT-3005N total station
  • Equipment for concrete polishing
  • GEDA hoists
  • Scaffolding and formwork systems from leading global brands, which we constantly update and supplement
  • Full range of medium and small construction mechanization for formwork and concrete CMR, for processing concrete surfaces, large and small drilling and brushing machines, generators and water pumps, professional equipment and hand tools for dry construction and finishing works.

Brase price for rough constructions for unfolded built-up area above 5000 m²

  • Rough construction

    Of gated complexes, multy-family, administrative and other buildings in Sofia district.

  • Including

    The basic price includes only the delivery and laying of the reinforcement blank, formwork and concrete SMP, as well as masonry with Porotherm Wienerberger bricks.

  • 215 €/m²

How is it possible for the price to not be at the expense of the quality?

  • Mutual trust between the builder and the suppliers built throughout the years.
  • Personal mechanization rendering us independent for the process itself.
  • Excellent teamwork and coordination of the construction site without slacking; strict quality control on the supplies regarding type, quality and quantity.
  • A team of professionals specialized in different aspects, constant qualification improvement and extra attention to detail for the executive staff – selection, education and control.
  • Preliminary consideration on each following stage and should the opportunity comes an optimization on elements of the process of work. The purpose is to guarantee the high quality at a more cost-efficient financial aspect.

Guarantees and execution of the contracts on time

Thorough planning and correctness in the mutual works for excellent results

The time for completion is of a huge significance when realizing projects suggesting a larger scale of investments from the side of the Contractor – residential buildings, administrative centers, dwelling complexes etc. Our experience helps us out plan in details and eventually reduce the time for completion of every stage of the construction to meet the terms and reach the best result possible.

Prerequisites for success of every project The advantages of the professional approach

  • Work without slacking

    The work done on every project is on a daily basis without interruption. The company’s full capacity is being used – from human resource to mechanization. On each and every site a site manager is appointed who is acknowledged with the project in depth from the very beginning of the process.

  • A financial plan most suitable for the Contractor

    The term for execution and the payment scheme depends on the Contractor themselves, on their desires and scope. Our purpose is to ease them in meeting their terms with the financial department on the one side and the eventual customers on the other.

  • Compliance of the execution with the weather conditions

    The construction work process is in direct correlation with the weather seasons and conditions. Our in depth planning on the works allows us to shorten the time necessary for completion of the weather-dependent processes.

  • Extra guarantees after the construction is put into exploitation

    Our extra guarantee terms contribute to the well-being of the eventual customers and therefore is one of the reasons contractors choose to work with “CITY-EURO” LTD.

Offer for the implementation of an investment project

High quality at attractive prices

Ever since it was founded, "CITY-EURO" LTD has participated in competitive bidding for construction contracts and has repeatedly won, competing with both large, well-known construction companies and smaller businesses.

The company's success is due to its advantages, such as guaranteed quality at a competitive price, because, compared to a large company, the costs of CITY-EURO LTD per unit of construction product allow to offer the desired financial savings to investors. Among the advantages of the company is a flexible, transparent and simplified scheme for exercising quality control, as well as long-standing knowledge that CITY-EURO LTD is trust worthy. This puts the company ahead of other competitive businesses.

The main advantage of CITY-EURO LTD is the possibility for the contractors to take advantage of the competence and expertise of the company at the bidding stage, without concluding a contract yet.

Request an offer

You will need to attach the technical project, as well as the quantitative analysis.

The design team, who authored the project, is in charge of providing them.


As a contracting authority, you need to have all the parts of the technical project: architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, vertical planning and landscape layout, safety and health plan at temporary construction, energy efficiency, construction waste management plan, geological survey, etc. In addition to the technical project, attach here the building permit, if any, and, if possible, the architectural and engineering drawings in DWG format.


A detailed description of all types of construction works in all parts of the project to be completed, with the corresponding quantities, based on the technical design. In order to request an offer, you need to have a quantitative analysis in its entire volume, since bidding is, in essence, a valuation of a quantitative analysis. As a bonus, in the course of bidding, after detailed acquaintance with the project, our company always analyzes and notes gaps in the project, offers optimization of details and systems, based on our experience of more than 17 years of practice.


A 3D computer image of the future building. The virtual model, while not mandatory for this request form, enhances the quality and accuracy of the evaluation, allowing us to consider the specifics of building materials and spatial decisions.

Our practice in contract offering Before concluding the contract

  • Preparation

    We do not try to submit an offer first, because a frequently prepared tender, especially for a serious site, is a template that does not take into account the specifics of the project and of the inquiries to the suppliers for the main types of construction materials.

  • Research

    We get acquainted in detail with all parts of the project, we always do a lookup of the terrain, whether it is an offer for rough construction only or for complete execution. This way we are able to examine and identify the gaps, the discrepancy between the quantities, the specifications of the types of construction works and the drawings, as well as the presence of potential conflicting points in the different parts of the project.

  • Optimisation

    We offer project elements optimisation that is always justified and based on our experience in the construction and warranty maintenance of already commissioned constructions.

  • Solutions

    We interview the investors, respectively the design team, the author of the project, and we ask questions about everything that we have found as potential problems. This way we are often able to give a solution for, even more than one.