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Innovative technologies, combined with expert work

"CITY EURO" Ltd was founded in 2003 with main scope of activity of complete construction of residential, industrial and office buildings as well as additional activities as machine laying of floor coverings, execution of different types of construction and assembly works from the final phases of the construction process and others.

All the efforts of our team are focused on quality and timely execution of construction and assembly works, according to project and technological features, as well as on correct attitude towards investors and partners. According to the requirements of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, every year 60% from personnel undergo training to upgrade or acquire a new qualification, while managers - Health and Safety at Work Act compulsory training.

The company is a regular member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders' First Group: high-rise construction (Residential, public, industrial), its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities for structures from category III to V.

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Request an offer

You will need to attach the technical project, as well as the quantitative analysis.

The design team, who authored the project, is in charge of providing them.


As a contracting authority, you need to have all the parts of the technical project: architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, vertical planning and landscape layout, safety and health plan at temporary construction, energy efficiency, construction waste management plan, geological survey, etc. In addition to the technical project, attach here the building permit, if any, and, if possible, the architectural and engineering drawings in DWG format.


A detailed description of all types of construction works in all parts of the project to be completed, with the corresponding quantities, based on the technical design. In order to request an offer, you need to have a quantitative analysis in its entire volume, since bidding is, in essence, a valuation of a quantitative analysis. As a bonus, in the course of bidding, after detailed acquaintance with the project, our company always analyzes and notes gaps in the project, offers optimization of details and systems, based on our experience of more than 17 years of practice.


A 3D computer image of the future building. The virtual model, while not mandatory for this request form, enhances the quality and accuracy of the evaluation, allowing us to consider the specifics of building materials and spatial decisions.

Our practice in contract offering Before concluding the contract

  • Preparation

    We do not try to submit an offer first, because a frequently prepared tender, especially for a serious site, is a template that does not take into account the specifics of the project and of the inquiries to the suppliers for the main types of construction materials.

  • Research

    We get acquainted in detail with all parts of the project, we always do a lookup of the terrain, whether it is an offer for rough construction only or for complete execution. This way we are able to examine and identify the gaps, the discrepancy between the quantities, the specifications of the types of construction works and the drawings, as well as the presence of potential conflicting points in the different parts of the project.

  • Optimisation

    We offer project elements optimisation that is always justified and based on our experience in the construction and warranty maintenance of already commissioned constructions.

  • Solutions

    We interview the investors, respectively the design team, the author of the project, and we ask questions about everything that we have found as potential problems. This way we are often able to give a solution for, even more than one.