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We can offer optimal energy efficiency solutions tailored to the budget. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to consider the energy efficiency measures before the building design is complete and construction begins. Both the specific wishes of the client and the technical and economic opportunities for their realization must be taken into account. When details are known, thanks to specialized engineering software for energy design, we are able to plan the implementation of optimal energy efficiency solutions. We can give our professional oppinion at every stage of the design process, but it is important to know that the sooner we do it, the better results could be.

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Investment consulting before the design stage

Low energy consumption is among the priorities in the initial project

This is the best possible option for each contracting authority. If a customer has no idea what heating and/or cooling would be optimal for him, he should not make his final decision based on accumulated "knowledge" of unprofessional impressions from relatives and friends, because they are usually subjective and truly unprofessional.

This initial design stage is the most advantageous moment energy design to be made, i.e. the building and all its components to be subordinated to energy saving technologies and strategies. If this happens later, the "Energy Efficiency" section is very likely to be as an appendage to the already completed "Architecture", "Structures" and "HVAC" sections. You have the opportunity to study our detailed recommendations for building energy design.

During design

Low-energy consumption of building can be aimed during design

If design has already begun, we offer energy analysis – computer simulation of the selected heating and cooling strategy, combined with all other parameters of the project as well as climate features and terrain location (details are numerous and are all important). That allows to calculate the energy consumption and to optimise the design based on how advanced it is.

We provide proven, working practical details and specifications of key elements, necessary for achieving energy savings: thermal insulations, advantages and disadvantages of different types of windows, comparison of heating and cooling methods, and such for supplying fresh air etc.

When choosing a construction company

Hight quality, low energy consumption oriented execution, comformable to the budget

Price should not be the leading factor when selecting a contractor for an already approved project. The quality performance of each building depends on a number of factors, which are initially invisible, but actually have a huge impact on the result. If one compromise on quality, in long term, he will live with the consequences or will pay extra in order to cover his needs.

If a customer notices that the price exceeds the expectations and the budget foreseen, he should be active. It is possible to replace individual components without reducing system's efficiency. Today, the market offers a big variaty of products at a different price.


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Energy design related issues

Answers that will help you make an informed choice

What is building energy design?
Building energy design is a design, where architecture and systems for heating, cooling and ventilation are optimally combined for achieving high energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The use of building energy design software makes it possible to predict what the operating costs will be according to one solution for building energy efficiency or another. That allows choosing the most profitable of them.
What does indoor air quality mean?
Indoor air quality covers indicators as operative temperature, humidity, air age, СO2 levels and daylight. All these indicators have a great impact on the occupants health and comfort and they need to be within certain values.
What are the benefits of building energy design?
Building energy design allows one to check what energy consumption, operating costs and indoor climate quality would be at the design stage of the building. That allows to be chosen the solution that meets the highest expectations of buildings future occupants.
What are the benefits of it?
Building energy design:
  • makes it possible to find the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for a building;
  • gives an accurate idea of future operating costs;
  • allows comparison of the economy and efficiency of different solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation;
  • allows monitoring of indoor climate quality at design stage;
  • reduces the likelihood of additional resources being spent to correct unforeseen events at or after the construction stage.
How it's done?
Building energy design is made by building energy experts using special software and applying latest, European practices in building design.
How does it differ from todays standard building design?
Todays standard buildings are designed in such way so they cover Bulgarian building regulations, which are much lower compared to western countries. Standard buildings have high operating costs and somewhat poor indoor air quality, as it is not regulated and is not taken into accound during the design. In contrast, energy simulated buildings are:
  • are much more energy efficient compared to standard buildings;
  • have high indoor air quality according to European standards;
  • are much healthier to live in;
  • are much more comfortable to live in.
Does it cost much?
Building energy design is applied as an additional part of the building design, and its price varies according to the size of the designed building and the specific requirements of the client. Depending on them, additional costs can have a pay back period from months to 1-2 years through the energy savings achieved. It is important to know that additional costs do not affect buildings construction. Statics and dynamics of the building are not affected by additional energy savings measures – its structural stability does not depend on the building performance in terms of energy efficiency.
Are there any risks to the quality of design and construction?
No, there are no risks for a design project or a building if they are designed with more thought for the customer. Building energy design does not affect structural strength of buildings or their life cycle, but only on their energy efficiency and comfort.

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The skills of the CITY EURO team to build buildings, to communicate with clients in a satisfactory way, to help them fulfill their investment intentions, without breaking them away from their business, have been proved by the company's work with different contracting authorities, investors, entrepreneurs and public institutions. We can anticipate risks and provide solutions to all problems that arise during the construction work.

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