Construction company

Investment consulting and construction and assembly works

  • Construction of buildings and facilities
  • Screeds and specific floor coverings
  • Renovation and reconstruction
  • Finish works
  • Buildings demolution
  • Repair works

"CITY-EURO" Ltd has long-term professional experience in planning and overall construction of residential, industrial and office buildings, as well as experience in additional activities like machine laying of floor coverings, execution of different types of construction and assembly works from the final phases of the construction process etc. In recent years, our achievements have allowed us to execute projects of low - energy buildings. Good construction practice is achieved thanks to the excellent team, the innovative technologies and the cooperation with partners having similar high quality criteria. The prices of our services are attractive. The company is a regular member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and is listed in the Central Professional Register of Builders in First Group of Buildings from category ІІI to V.

Investment consultancy

Expert opinion for achieving high energy efficiency

In order to achieve results in terms of energy efficiency, it should be considered during the design stage of the building and any action is taken. Account must be taken of the client's specific requirements, as well as the technical possibilities for their realization and the planned budget. When the details are known, thanks to specialized engineering software for building energy design, we are able to plan the implementation of the optimal energy efficiency solutions. We can give you our professional opinion at every stage of the building process, but it is important to know that the sooner we do it the the better results will be.

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Optimal comfort

A number of solutions for a better life quality at home

When building is not designed to provide good indoor quality, one would use the nesessary measures to achive it, which often results to much more energy consumption than if the good indoor quality was among the priorities during the design stage of the building . For having good indoor air quality, the following parameters should be within certain limits: operative temperature, CO2, humidity, day light, air age.


Effective use of energy

Active systems, passive measures and technologies for better comfort

High energy efficiency and good indoor climate are related to effective use of existing environmental conditions and construction technologies which provide maximum comfort at low energy costs. Such a rational use of energy can be achieved by analyzing and combining together systems and architecture of a building. For this purpose, we use computational software for energy simulations.


Renewable energy sources

Using free natural energy

Predicting the benefits of renewable energy sources leads to a significant reduction in operating costs and is a mean of protecting the environment and preserving the exhaustible natural resources. When the building has a smaller footprint on nature, it is often called "sustainable" or "green". The main renewable sources are solar energy and geothermal energy. They can be used thanks to modern solar installations and heat pump systems.


Low-energy homes

Quality and energy efficiency

Expenses for heating and cooling of a low-energy home are 5 to 10 times lower compared to standard building built according to the Bulgarian building legislation. The difference is drastic and ends the high bills. Such an investment is strategic and increases its value over time. Within less than 6 years, you can payback the extra cost.

After 2020, any building that is not low-energy building will prove to be a bad investment. The National Plan for nearly zero-energy buildings enters into force in 2018. According to Energy Efficiency Act these buildings should fulfill several conditions: their energy consumption corresponds to Class A.; not less than 55% of the energy consumed is provided from renewable sources located on site. The aim of Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings is to reduce total energy consumption in the EU by 20% by 2020.

  • 45kWh
  • 0.3€/m²