Complete construction of residential, industrial and office buildings

  • Construction of buildings and facilities

  • Screeds and specific floor coverings

  • Renovation and reconstruction

  • Finishing works

  • Buildings demolution

  • Repair works

"CITY-EURO" Ltd has long-term professional experience in planning and overall construction of residential, industrial and office buildings, as well as experience in additional activities like machine laying of floor coverings, execution of different types of construction and assembly works from the final phases of the construction process etc. In recent years, our achievements have allowed us to execute projects of low-energy buildings. Good construction practice is achieved thanks to the excellent team, the innovative technologies and the cooperation with partners having similar high quality criteria. The prices of our services are attractive. The company is a regular member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and is listed in the Central Professional Register of Builders in First Group of Buildings from category ІI to V.

Execution of investment projects

Over 150 000 m² unfolded built-up area

"CITY-EURO" LTD offers rough construction works of gated complexes, multi-family, administrative and other buildings. The company has already established itself as a major contractor for large-scale construction projects. Successful finalization of the agreements made with the contracting authorities is achieved through long-term investment in team skills improvement and in the use of modern technologies. The company's main goals are constantly improving of the quality of project execution and effective communication with the contracting authorities in order to achieve optimal final result.

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Low-energy and passive houses

High quality indoor climate

In order to achieve optimal results, it is necessary to consider the energy efficiency measures before the building design is complete and construction begins. Thanks to specialized engineering software for energy design, "CITY-EURO" is able to plan the implementation of optimal energy efficiency solutions. We can give our professional oppinion at every stage of the design process, but it is important to know that the sooner we do it, the better results could be.

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Reconstruction and finishing works

Quality and on-time execution of additional works

"CITY-EURO" LTD works jointly with suppliers, subcontractors, architects, architecture studios and designers for specific types of construction works, while offering the best prices possible that do not flactuate with the market during the period of constructions, reconstructions and renovations. Guarantees, given by the company, also include deadlines, safety and quality of the complex finishing works.

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