Energy efficient buildings

Modern construction and high quality low-energy homes

Consultancy, planning, design and construction of energy efficient buildings. At the end, the customer receives a building with guaranteed indoor climate quality and low energy consumption without worrying about the details. Anyone decided to work with us will get a clear idea about the cost of the desired building and will be able to benefit from solutions best suited to his / her preferences, ideas and budget.

The differences between energy-efficient and ordinary buildings are sometimes inconspicuous to non-specialists and often building owners learn about them only when it turns out that the expenses for heating/cooling are too high and the quality of the indoor climate is unsatisfactory. Expenses for heating and cooling of a low-energy home is 5 to 10 times lower than the same of a standard building built according to the Bulgarian legislation. The difference is drastic and ends the high bills. Such an investment is strategic and increases its value over time. In less than 6 years you can payback the extra costs and if you take into account the possibility that the price of the energy carriers will increase, it will hardly decrease, the investments will return even faster.

Indoor climate quality guarantee

Proven indoor environment quality

The quality of the indoor climate is guaranteed by using excellent insulation and heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Important factors are providing a constant temperature, the elimination of reheating or re-cooling of rooms, as well as the extraction of odors. According to Bulgarian regulations, there are no requirements for natural light in premises, СО2 levels, humidity and air changes. Buildings are being designed and built without the indoor air quality to be taken into account at all. We often do not feel that we are exposed to adverse impacts due to a bad indoor climate. A sign of such exposion is the appearance of molds in rooms and bathrooms which have a negative impact on health. Some of the typical symptoms can lead to chronic respiratory problems and allergies! You can read more about indoor climate quality on Optimal comfort.

Price comparison

Heating costs at low and standard energy consumption

To get a better idea of how much cheaper a home heating can be, when designed and built in a way that prioritises low energy consumption and indoor climate quality, was made a comparison of three separate strategies covering thermal isolation and the way heating. The graph on the right shows the monthly heating costs of a two-storey house with an area of 350 m² located in Sofia. Three options are compared: 1st - low energy house with heating and cooling supplied by heat pump, 2nd option - standard insulated house with pellet heating (cooling is not provided and requires additional investment) and option 3 - a standard insulated house with standard electric heating (eg electric boiler with radiators, heaters, etc., which also do not provide cooling during summer). It is also important to add that among the three models, the well-insulated building provides the highest indoor climate quality and even heat distribution in all rooms throughout their area and height.

Investment payback period

What is the payback period?

There are standards for nearly-zero energy buildings regarding doors, windows, thermal insulation, lighting and heaing/cooling and ventilation systems. Costs are approximately 30% higher than standard. The return period of investments is short - up to 6 years, and their value increases over time.